Sincerely, OppCorp is a game about delivering messages at a company that manufactures counter-intuitive signs.
Taking the role of the Multitasking Artificially Intelligent Letter Re-distributor (MAILR), the player must either make sense of these signs to navigate the confusing hallways of OPPCORP in order to deliver letters... or accept the consequences of undelivered mail.
Information is power in this first-person puzzle game and the future of the company is literally in the player’s robotic hands.


*early visual test

Hello there...

We make games that are interesting, weird and (hopefully) fun. If the game industry was a family, we would be the quirky younger brother that argues with the grown-ups about topics he learned in school that morning. 
We hope people have fun playing our games because we’re certainly having fun making them.


We are a small indie game development studio composed of somewhere between one and four recent college grads (don’t think about that too much).

We know the kinds of games that we like and we want to make them happen ourselves. Right now. 

We believe the following things, in no particular order:

  • ​Just because something is serious, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be funny.

  • Decisions are what make game stories interesting.

  • Decisions are what make games fun.

  • Decisions are what make games GAMES.



Founder, Designer
I do Game Design and stuff...
I like to draw, play soccer and create fun interactive experiences.
​I am a Game Designer with a background in Aviation, Biology, and Construction. 
Game designer in the Seattle area. I love everything about games and their creation.


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